17 Feb 2023
Day 8 - Ajman Oval

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A 6:15 wake-up time made for a rough start for the lads as the prospect of 2 T20s settled in, with some more than questionable decisions made by JCL (Waresey - star bat of previous fixtures - all the way down at number 17) for game 1.

It was a shaky start with Mr. Browning sending Cooper back on a measly 2 runs, and Sangha confidently playing a lofted air shot as the ball clattered middle stump. A swift couple of fours for Turner, and Bates guiding the ball like a golden retriever, the two set the Rei back up nicely. A broken bat and a few singles later, Turner skewered himself on a non-existent single. Bates ploughed on surpassing 50, but alas, his wicket fell and Rohan Kumar continued his excellent form of batting, with J Law and Gaddy finishing off, the boys set up a decent total of 168.

Turner and Gadd opened up the bowling, with early wickets falling and some cool hands from Sanghy. The Talent academy then ramped up their rate, and a few unfortunate overs of spin later, they were caught up. The boys put in all they had, and decreased their rate but a special 92 from 48 balls saw one batsman take them over the edge in the penultimate over.

For game 2 off the back of an all too recent loss, the boys headed out to field. A big shift from Saddles at wk and a makeshift skipper in Ben Ware saw the boys make a decent start, and Longwell picking up the important wickets midway. At 90 off 10, it was going to be a graft. The lads did not disappoint. With some class bowling from Swinny, and reductive fielding from Ben W, the boys kept them down to 140. Game on.

J Gadd and A Butterfield set us off nicely, with 21 runs under the belt after 2 overs. J Law was then called to the crease and rotated strike nicely with Butters, as the young Butterfield secured a tour fifty - at which point his parents promptly went onto more important things. Law and Butterfield fell respectively, with Butters totalling a very respectable 78. The middle order filed in, with ones and twos here and there, the job getting the boys over the line fell into the hands of H Lewis. With various partnerships alongside him, Lewis brought us over the line reinstating his position in the runs club.

A slightly shattered and delirious bunch, we headed back for some r&r by the pool & a fun tour quiz from Mr Davies, following by some scran. All in all, not a bad Friday in February. Bosh.

Turner and Swinny