19 Feb 2020
Cricket - Day 6

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We arrived at Dubai Creek looking forward to our shopping experience. First we had to cross the river by small boats while wobabas were flung from one boat to the other, some successful some not. We reached the other side of the river and immersed ourselves in the rich culture of Dubai Creek. Once in groups we went through the narrow allies looking for deals and hagling with the locals. A special mention to goochy who managed to get Nats price down from 135 to 40 dirums. With multiple head scarves bought and Nats sheik outfit, we headed to our cultural lunch. We sat down in a room with the local and traditional food in the centre. The food tasted really nice and Malin W managed to fit 10 doughnuts in his mouth - a personal best.

Next was a 4x4 ride to an outpost in the dunes. Bohemian Rhapsody was blaring through the speakers and we set off. As we surfed along the dunes, we held tightly onto the car handles and made it to our destination with most of our lunch still inside us. Followed this was a swift camel ride and a sequence of attempted sand-boarding runs with most ending in a mouthful of sand. Food was eaten and entertainment followed with a belly dancer... Ed R arguably stole the show as his duet was well recieved and gave us a good laugh to end the night as well as performances from Rupert and Adam earlier on. Overall, a well rounded day of culture and a nice break from some back to back matches.

By Jamie Q & Alex M-J