06 Jul 2018
Day 4

U13A’s vs Jersey Cricket Board - stats in match report

A near complete performance with the ball and in the field. All of the bowlers stuck to their task of hitting a good length & targeting the stumps. Whilst in the field, all catches were taken including two fantastic takes & two magnificent runouts! The commitment from the boys was outstanding, saving everything & creating a good atmosphere in the field. Restricting our opponents to 98 from their 20 overs, a great effort! After a shaky start, a 15 ball over calmed the nerves & ensured the rate was never an issue. A comfortable chase, led by the captain. A strong performance, standards have been set for tomorrow.

U13B’s vs Jersey Cricket Board - stats in match report

Having lost the toss, RGS took to the field & began well - restricting their oppositions with consistent bowling & tight fielding. A score of 131 appeared to be par, and proved to be so. Led by the captain, we were just behind the rate throughout & unfortunately finished one short.